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International Journal of Educational Policies is a refereed, open access, international, biannual online-only journal that is policy-oriented and committed to promoting debate about education policies and politics among academics, activists, educators. This Call for Papers announces for  future issues of International Journal of Educational Policies (IJEP). The journal can be visited at and can be registered at as author, refereeing contributor or reader.

The manuscript submission to the Journal is year round. The focused thema and especially welcommed issues of the journal were given following but not limited with them. Manuscripts which can be related with directly or indirectly educational policies are welcomme. Both policy analysis theoreticaly and research papers  with qualitative or quantitative  data can be submitted for evaluation. Racist, sexist, nationalist and all kind discriminative language in the manuscripts is not tolerated. This journal seeks to challenge about thinking on the current educational policies and behind of them. We look for the most original, provocative submissions possible.

The main themes of the journal are education policies in different countries, comparative educational practices, research methodologies related with analysis of education policies; ‘race’ and education, gender policies, special education policies, identities and inequalities in education, equity in policies and practices with cases, lifelong learning
policies, post compulsory education and training, higher education policies, e- learning and distance education policies, politics of technology, transition policies, tracking in education, financing policies in education, information policies, ethics as an political education issue, art in education policies, commercialization and privatization in education, neo-liberalism and destruction of public education.

All submissions will be peer reviewed. Those submissions accepted for publication will be published in International Journal of Educational Policies (IJEP) at two issues of  Vol. 5.

* Manuscripts Due for this Call: September 30, 2011
* Publication of Accepted Manuscripts: IJEP /Volume 5, Number 1-2
* Notification of Evaluation: Two months after submission
* Finalization and Publication of Accepted Papers is at December, 2011

Submission of Proposals

Author/s may submit a constructived abstract proposal, approximately 300-400
words, to Editor Dr. Hasan H. Aksoy at or Structured abstracts may include aims/hypotheses, major method and analysis and pre-findings or conclusions of the manuscripts. Those who have had their abstracts accepted will be formally invited to submit a full length paper of approximately 5000 to 6000 words. Manuscripts longer than around these counts will be consider by editorial board according to
their subject and method requirements. For IJEP submission guidelines, visit:

Detailed evaluations of peer reviews will be shared with the authors. While influenced by the outcome of the blind peer reviews, Publication Board of the IJEP will decide on final publication.

For more information contact:
Assoc.Prof. Hasan Huseyin Aksoy
Ankara University

Faculty of Educational Sciences- Ankara/Turkey

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