The ICPRES has been founded as initiative to make an interaction and have more contact with the intitutions related with the educational sciences internationally. Depending of that desires and idea, as a founder of initiative Dr. Hasan H. Aksoy have a statement include main aims and practical jobs related with the Center and its activities. As a part of initiatives Prof. Meral Uysal, Prof. Nejla Kurul, Assoc. Prof. Naciye Aksoy, Sevinç Akkaya and research assistants Yalçın Özdemir, Tarık Soydan, and Ali Yıldırım from out of the academia as a education specialist and project supporter joined this  initiative. From the year 2006, initiative have continued to work on the Project some time with exciting some time hopeless.

Iinitiative has charged  Dr. Hasan Aksoy to project the international journal and legal issues. As a conclusion of some meetings, searching  and communications with experienced people , the International Journal of Educational Policies have been launched as registered on Dr. Aksoy as a leading member of initiative. The Journal's publication language have registered as Turkish and English. After the decision for an International Journal,  initiative has contacted some academics in Turkey and Internationally as mostly from USA.

Besides, as representative of initiative Dr. Aksoy has published a call for solidarity to launch an international journal on educational policies. All initiative members are aggreed on that the main perspective of the journal should be critical on the educational issues.

As a sample first issue we have contacted to our friends already have manuscripts presented at some conferences and given the last shape. You will see them from the first issue and  from the editorial essay. For this stage, we would like to thanks our colleagues again.

We as initiative of ICPRES have done a gradual steps. After the define the main aims and activities and registered for the Journal on the managing of Dr. Aksoy, we have aplied for  taking Institutional support to Ankara University Institute of Educational Sciences and Alumni Association of Faculty of Education Sciences. They both have approved their support by decisions of their Executive Boards.

Having a internet address and designing web pages have taken too much time than we expect. Since almost all participants were too busy, contacting for advisory board and establishing the Journal format and main specifications, reaching the international community for  submissions have also taken longer time that it should be. After Turgay Alakurt ,Research Assistant and doctoral student at ICT, joined to the initiative we have taken a new energy to make easier the technical issues. After the installed the OJS software we had gaina new experience about the support developing the manuscripts before them to be published.

At this point, initiative have colleagues  and friends have their solidarity from different part of the World. All colleagues placed in Editorial Board have encouraged us to continue for an international connection between us and colleagues from different countries. Of course we have some schedule  accidents, and technical obstacles. But we have taken a long way and learnt from experiences and gain a lot of friends from all over the world. Some colleagues from other than Turkey, voluntarily  became a part of us and  show their enthusiasm to develop the Journal. After that time, ICPRES initiative are continuing to create an International Journal which is not only related  and limited with the technical and legal limitations and popular liberal issues but indeed has a world view, a perspective from the side of oppressed.  It shows sensitivity the research issues mostly disregarded and have also have some tolerance to non-standard language and paper design. According to this approach, we are trying to make as much as contribution to manuscripts submitted to the Journal to make them more developed. 

The address of the ICPRES initiative can be seen as  the address of the members where mostly from Ankara University Faculty of Education Sciences. Other address and exactly working is http://www.icpres.org and email: info@icpres.org